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Samsung Omnia W I8350

New offer of Samsung did not differ significantly from the competitive model, but is well balancedFor example, HTC Mozart features a 1GHz processor and S-LCDscreen, while the Samsung Omnia has a 1.4GHz model and the Super AMOLEDForNokia Lumia should allocate more, and for the HTC TITAN. Interestingly, the Samsung Omnia features installed Bing search engineThe device is made of glossy plastic, partially in black and features a sturdy designThe rear is made of metal.

Design, build quality, controlThis smart phone is a classic candy bar phone which measures 115 x 58mm, thickness is 10.9mm (thickness HTC Mozart is 119x60x11.9mm, Nokia Lumia - 116x61x12.1mm) and its weight is 115 grams (Mozart weighs 13 grams, and Lumia 142 grams).
The device is made of glossy plastic, partially in black and features a sturdy design.The rear is made of metal. The screen is protected by a special material in order to prevent scratches from sharp objects (not a Gorilla Glass). As with most other devices, fingerprints are visible on the screen but is easily cleared. The build quality is excellent Omnia models: two weeks of continuous use there was no appearance of hesitation..There is a possibility that only comes a device that has been tested and that the commercial versions of the situation will be different.

The device fits in the hand thanks to a smooth transition from rear to the front surface and the edge that provides comfort when using your phone conversation.

From the front, the upper part is light and proximity sensors. React very quickly and has no problems handling. Next door is a forward-facing camera for video calls and is located next to the speaker that is loud and you hear the caller loud and clear.Below the screen are two touch-sensitive buttons: "Back" and "Search". When you press "Back" and hold it down with a prior call to me to start the application. The "Search" to search engine powered by Bing. The level of brightness is very good, not blinding my eyes. It is activated when you click on one of the buttons and switches off after five seconds. In the center there is a mechanical "Start" button to return to the home screen from any menu. Oval in shape and gentle pressure is enough of a button.
On the bottom there is a microUSB switch (for data synchronization and connect the charger) and microphone. On the left is a thin and long key for volume control. On the right is the on / off button and the camera activation key. It can launch the camera application even when the phone is locked. To do this, it is necessary to adjust the settings: "Settings" - "Applications" - "Photo + Camera". The existence of separate buttons for still photos, a big plus.

The top end is a standard 3.5mm audio jack for headphones and microphone for added noise reduction (in my copy of this microphone was missing since it is a non-commercial version).
Speaker, camera and flash are located on the back.
To remove the cover, you need to move the tab to the right. SIM card is located under the battery, and is backed by swap. However, it is necessary to restart the phone.
ScreenThe device features 3.7 "screen (physical size is 80x48mm) resolution is standard for WP7 - smart phone - 480 x 800 pixels, and a density of 252 pixels per inch - the same as the HTC Mozart (HTC Radar - 246 pixels per inch and 3.8 "diagonal).Provided support for up to 16 million colors, as well as support for simultaneously pressing the four buttons.

The display features Super AMOLED (Active-Matrix Super Organic Light Emitting Diode), which is installed on the Nokia 800 Lumia and other smart phones. The advantages of this technology are indisputable: high levels of brightness and runtime. However, it has its weaknesses, because of unusual construction pixels (this is not a traditional RGB and RGBG) definition is lower than that of TFT matrix.

Viewing angles are fairly large, realistic colors and a complete view of a mild bluish tint. The depth of color is excellent thanks to the Super AMOLED, while white color looks great and natural than the S-LCD or conventional TFT-LCD matrix. Brightness level is very high and can be set manually (available as three levels - low, medium and high) or light sensor. There is an a very interesting feature: the screen is far brighter the background brightness level mitigates the phone and vice versa.
When comparing the screen of the Samsung i9000 and Samsung Omnia, it turns out that the latter are characterized by vivid colors. In the sun the screen is both good behavior and the information is legible.

In the setting "Block + Background", it is possible to adjust the screen backlight duration in length from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. He also provided the password for the lock screen and change the backlight, "Screen Lock".
CameraSamsung i8350 has a 5MP camera. There is a LED backlight for one section, and frontal VGA camera for video calls. Image resolution is 2560 x 1920 pixels, video, 1280 x 720 at 30fps.
The average size of the photo file is 1.5MB, which is enough that when using JPEG compression can not see the grain structure in the photos. The flash is functional at a distance of 1.5 to 2m. It works only when shooting.
Focusing is achieved using automatic mode when you tap the screen or click a mechanical button to the right.
Application camera interface looks exactly like all Windows Phone 7 devices. Unlike the HTC smartphones available settings Panorama modes, Burst and Face Detection. Some of them can be implemented in the application "Photo Studio".Among the settings and options for other modes. This is a program that is essentially a photo editor and offers exposure adjustment, brightness, contrast, color, rotated and cutting.

When recording video following options are available: white balance, effects, contrast, color saturation, sharpness, exposure, quality and size. Please note that when shooting video by default the camera captures video in VGA resolution.Therefore, you should be careful to change the resolution if necessary to HD or 720p. Video quality is good and comparable for example with the model Samusng i9000. The sound is definitely better with model Omnia, but the example of HTC Mozart or radar.

According to my experimental data, call drains the battery for 5.5 hours while video playback at maximum brightness, the highest level of sound through the speaker drains the battery for 4 hours. When we speak of continuous music playing behind the same result with attached earphones and volume set to maximum took 17 hours.
On average, the battery life is slightly less than one day. My scheme of using this device was as follows: 15-20 minutes of daily conversation, about 2 hours of music, one hour of video playback, the same time use cameras, four hours of work with WiFi networks (twitter, email, installing applications).
The device is USB charging lasting over 2.5 hours while power supply is much less time.
With the aim of saving battery the phone can not exclude a number of services. So you can turn off and receive e-mail programs that work in the background. At the same time it is possible to take calls, send messages and manually retrieve e-mail.You can choose one of two modes.
Include save battery if the battery is charging.Include save battery charging izeđuIn addition, the available information on remaining battery charge level (in percentage) and the estimated time since the last filling (days and hours).

PerformanceSamsung Omnia smartphone W uses Qualcomm MSM8255 chipset. The code name of the Snapdragon processor S2, architecture and manufacturing process are ARMv7, 45 nm. CPU clock speed is overclocked which is 1400MHz. The same processor is installed in the Nokia 800 model Lumia. Within the model HZTC Mozart, was installed 1GHz Qualcomm QSD8250 - previous generations, the HTC 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 Radar (not overclocked), while the 1.5GHz model Titan HTC Qualcomm MSM8255.

As a graphics accelerator in the Omnia model was used Adreno 205 with support for Open GL ES 20, OpenGL ES 1.1, Open VG 1.1, EGL 1.3, Direct3D Mobile and DirectDraw.

Increased processor clock speed in the normal operation of the device is not visible, since all Windows Phone devices operate quickly and smoothly. However, the speed of opening sites is increasing. For example, HTC Mozart the same page opens for 6-7 seconds, while Samsung's model need only 3-4 seconds. The difference in the speed of launching applications is not noticeable.

LinkingThe device works in 2G networks (850/900/1800/1900) and 3G (900/2100), the standard supports data transfer GPRS, EDGE (Class 32), HSDPA (up to 14.4 Mbps) and HSUPA (5.76 Mbps. There is support for Wi -Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP (AVRCP, HFP, HSP, PBAP), microUSB 2.0. handset application, "Wireless." When the device is enabled for 3G and Wi-Fi Router.

When you connect your Samsung phone to a PC it will automatically ask you to install special software to synchronize data "Zune". Without it, the phone is not even defined as a USB Flash. Transfer data between your phone and your computer is the tool for synchronization. Photos and video content is stored in "My Documents" - "Images" - "From Player Samsung GT-I8350".

NavigationWithin the model used is the W Omnia GPS module gposONE seventh generation.Also, the device supports hardware and software solution "gpsOneXTRA Assistance" "To work with navigation applications are provided Bing Maps. I have no tracking adjustments. For the first launch of GPS systems should be 1 to 2 minutes for each additional up to 5 seconds.

Severe capsIn this section I will mention only one aplication that are installed in this copy of the Samsung Omnia W.

Now. Analog HTC hub feature. Displays animated weather information (for the current day and the next three) news, information from the Stock Exchange, as well as the main tweets.

Video calls. Provides high-end vidoe telephony in 3G networks. Entering numbers is possible, call a favorite group or from the directory.

Photo Studio. I talked about it in the camera section.
AllShare. The ability to share multimedia files with devices that support DLNA as to the HDTV, monitors and cameras.
PhotoFun. By analogy with "Photo Booth" on IOS.

RSS Times. Simple RSS feeds .- Selection option to sign or to use pre-installed directories.

Mini Diary. It allows you to create notes in different multimedia formats and start your digital diary.

The rest of the standard.
MultimediaMusic player. Sound quality is good, but the player lacks an equalizer and other extras. For example, HTC devices have previously installed filter dubbed "Better Sound" as part of the equalizer settings in SRS. If you cover the speaker volume is reduced by 30 to 40%.

Video player. The device detects formats such as MP4, 3GP and WMV with resolutions up to 720p. To transfer video content to your phone using a Zune. If an application does not recognize the format it is clear that he will not be recognized either by the player.
ImpressionsThe quality of communication did not cause any problems, GSM receiver sensitivity was strong. Vibration is a powerful and can be felt even in the winter jacket pocket.
Competitors to this model there is not much: Acer Allegro - 1 GHz processor, 3.6 "diagonal, TFT-LCD matrix; HTC Mozart weaker processor, inferior quality of the screen, 8 MP camera, if not better pictures than the Samsung, HTC Radar has approximately the same parameter but 1GHZ processor clock, and the screen is used for S-LCD technology. In addition, both the more expensive model, the Nokia 800 Lumia - in some ways is superior to the model Omnia (8 MP camera, 16 GB, but the starting price is higher.
Features:Class: smartphoneForm: MonoblockThe materials: metal, semi-glossy plasticOperating System: Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 MangoNetworks: GSM / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, UMTS / HSDPA 850/1900 MHzProcessor: 1.4 GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 platformMemory: 512 MBMemory Storage: 8 GBInterfaces: Wi-Fi (b / g / n), Bluetooth 2.1 (A2DP, EDR), microUSB connector (USB 2.0) connector for charging / synchronization and 3.5mm headphone jackScreen: capacitive, Super AMOLED 3.7 "800x480 pixel resolution (WVGA), adjust the backlight automatkso osveltjenjaCamera: 5 mMP with autofocus; video recording in 720p resolution (1280x720 pixels), LED flash, VGA camera with the PrenđaNavigation: GPS / GLONASSAdditional features: accelerometer, proximity sensor, the light sensor, FM radioBattery: removable non-Li-Ion 1500 mAhDimensions: 115.6 x 58.8 x 10.9 mmWeight: 115 g.

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