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Blackberry Touch 9900

Blackberry phones are equally popular in all markets as is the case in the territory of Europe or the United States, but a large number of users who will choose theBlackberry device because of its unique designIn the world of Blackberry devices model 9900 signs located at the very top of the rangeBold from the first model, which had one of the best features of mobile devices, no Blackberry has failed to undermine the glory of this model in terms of the keyboard, except for BB 9900model.
In my opinion, this is one of the best devices in this year, but it should be noted that against the list can easily override list. Say that you love metal, carbon and attractive design? Want to talk with ease, you heard the calls and to enjoy the powerful speakers? Would you like to have the best QWERTY mobile device in this form?You like?
All this sounds good and interesting. Operating system is what scares since for a large number of items not provided logical support. AVI is of little use when watching a video without conversion, while the camera auto focus is not provided, it does not make any sense.

Design and constructionBlackberry phones are equally popular in all markets as is the case in the territory of Europe or the United States, but a large number of users who will choose the Blackberry device because of its unique design. No wonder that the situation is because people are tired of HTC and Samsung devices because they are very similar, while the Nokia devices look great but have a number of shortcomings related to the design. Sony Ericsson models are very good, but the metal in these devices are not used for production, except for few exceptions. In the world of Blackberry devices model 9900 signs located at the very top of the range. You can select the BB 9700 or 9780 and enjoy their simple form, and you can opt for a small and sweet BB 9100th Then you can try and BB 9900th So far I have not met anyone who had remained indifferent in terms of this model. The casing is made of metal, plastic and carbon fiber and it is really fascinating - there are many things in one place. Metal inserts and velvety to the back of the plastic, glossy inserts around the camera and flash as well as the black area around the screen and are a perfect combination. Almost perfect combination, since the panel that contains functional keys started to wear off after two weeks of active use. Metal grille speakers, easy communication, ease of use of the keyboard, clear screen and other details are only complementary picture of this device, which is really rare. So far, my hand went through a lot of equipment but none impressed me like this or not, he caused that constantly wish to use this device.

And the rest is perfectly wise, no company has nothing to do in terms of design, materials or devices. The style is recognizable in every detail, so it was and when it comes to a machine that was tested. The smartphone is easy to hold in one hand and writing messages, easy to hold with one hand and chatting. Dimensions are 115 x 66 x 10.5mm and weighs 130 grams. The device is wide and thin.

On the left there is a microUSB slot and a mini-jack. Proximity sensor works well, so while you can hardly talk to cheek pressing any key on the touch screen.
You should also pay attention to lighting, and on the front panel indicator light is located. Many companies oppose the use of LED indicators, while in this model LED indicators show the missed call or message. My opinion is that this is very important.

ScreenOn the one hand there is nothing spectacular in the screen, it's a 2.8 "screen with resolution 640 x 480 pixels (TFT LCD). On the other hand, the screen is bright enough and clear at all times, the picture looks great and the video. The sensor reacts to normal pressure using capacitive technology.

ManagementDespite the presence of the touch screen, RIM apparently has not forgotten the old habits of the owner of Bold models. The top of the device is the key to the device is placed in standby mode, the button is narrow and easy to find. Below the screen there is an optical joystick, the most controversial element, and although there is sensitivity adjustable, it is still hard to get used to it. There are also traditional special call and end the conversation. Besides the joystick are key for me and the Back button. On the right is the key for volume control and mute button separate that is of great help. When using the player he was responsible for starting and stopping playback. Below is a soft key, which by default can be used to run the camera. When using a BB 9900 from time to time it is possible to forget that there is a touch screen, and it is possible to use other controls. With normal keys is always good - especially in an era of devices with touch screen where you no longer have to search for a key or be unable to answer. Here you can find the button on the bottom and immediately start a conversation, which is really handy in the car.

KeyboardBold from the first model, which had one of the best features of mobile devices, no Blackberry has failed to undermine the glory of this model in this regard. BB 9900 is.Maybe it's just a subjective opinion but this is certainly the best QWERTY solution of this type that I saw in my life. First, the frame size is adequate and the device is comfortable to use. Secondly, the position of your finger and pressing are very good and simple, deserve praise. Third, the shape of the keys is perfect as it is possible to type in certain types of words without moving a finger to press an adjacent key, which is very convenient. Altogether there are 35 keys, and using the keyboard is great for an e-mail, writing text messages, chatting, typing Web addresses, and so on. Almost all the buttons have a double function.

NFCWhat should be noted is that at this time BB 9900 one of the few devices that support NFC, which allows connection to additional equipment in the easiest possible way - will be enough to enable the device, then follow the link. Nokia N9 is one of the devices also offer NFC.

BatteryThe manufacturer claims the battery can provide up to six hours of talk time, fifty hours of music playback or about 7.5 hours of video playback. Unfortunately, when testing the battery lasted only one and a half day in active use. Compared to the BB 9780, this model is inferior, and I hope that the new firmware help to improve this situation. The battery can be recharged through a USB cable and charger over. The device uses 1230mAh battery.

Multimedia FormatsThis model is characterized by a large number of supported video formats - MP4, M4A, 3 gp, m4v, avi, asf, wmv, audio - WMA, MP3, Flac, Ogg, aac, amr, wav, mid.This is really not bad. In FLAC format is no problem to take the phone memory some of the content. Once I had a problem with late reproduction, and the problem is reflected in the gentle sound of chopping during playback. The music player is known, it is possible to adjust the equalizers and high volume, which features the latest BB. Here you can assign functions to control playback button for volume control.

The strange thing, when I tried to watch "Supernatural" I got an idea. Maybe some third party programs prevent the use of memory. What surprised me was when you closed the browser, Facebook began to open again. Another interesting thing is that when you run the video program, active is another program called "Now Playing".What is this word? You can not close the application when the application in the background but you must enter the program and select the desired item.

BrowserI would like to say something and the browser. Generally, the browser is Blackverrys-jown and certainly not among the best. In the BB07 and BB900 this specific search engine does not work badly, loads pages quickly, correctly scaled them, no crashes or freeze mode. As with all RIM devices is available in a high degree of adjustment, supports tabs, although it seems strange when the top of the screen you can see thumbnails of open tabs. The browser offers significant additions and options so you can easily send an email, add an element of it on the main page. You can also enter in your browsing history, that you open the browser main screen thumbnails or a list of recently opened pages. In the options you can see the chosen home page, as well as shortcuts to access various functions of the browser, select content that is loaded, disable Java, pictures, block pop-up messages. You can also adjust the font size, encoding, fast cleaning facilities if necessary, all passwords, cookies, history, cache, and a list of downloads. The result is actually quite normal, modern and flexible tool for network use, which still does not work great when you connect via 3G, WiFi, EDGE as there is a significant slowdown.
CameraThe device has a 5MP camera with no autofocus. It is very strange and suspicious that this is one camera in 2011. year should be built into the device for which the company set aside to be the main device. With good lighting, you can create more or less good pictures, but this camera is not for actual use in various environments.While on the phone screen images and can look fairly decent, transfer them to your computer you can see how bad things are. The device supports video recording at 720p resolution. Autofocus is slow and the results are such as to create a real depression. Plus, I noticed that the microphone produces a noise. Flash in automatic mode when taking pictures whiten too often most of the details, so it is better to turn it off. Available feature, Face Detection, image stabilizer (of course, not optical), geotagging, as well as four-fold zoom. I will repeat once more that the camera this model, however everything else, just not good.

Multifunction button on the right by default the camera starts by pressing buttons on the screen or the optical joystick.
Panel, the performance of the OSThe video clip can be a little closer to familiar with the operating system. I wanted to make a detailed overview of the operating system, but frankly I have more doubts that such a thing is necessary. The fact that RIM has been termed the OS7 operating system, says that this is a new version. Compared with OS 6 does not have any significant changes, primarily added support for NFC, improved the graphics (Open GL ES standard 2.0 support), video recording in HD mode. Focusing is possible only for photos. In the new version of the operating system is available, and including compass. To me, it would be logical that the manufacturer of the operating system called OS 6.1 or 6.2, as does Apple. When everything is added up and subtracted this version does not bring fundamental changes, the situation has not changed with the panels. In the desktop system unit line up with the available shortcuts to programs that can move you want. In theory it is possible to remove all items from a panel and make it their own. Despite the fact that this OS does not offer widgets on a relatively good-looking much like it looked in the past, Symbian. Available is an advanced profile settings, set data access, but the widgets themselves do not exist.You can count up to the line for the notification of an event on the main screen.
The phone uses a powerful processor running at 1.2GHz. All crossings between menus, applications work very well. From hibernation, the device wakes up very quickly, within a split second, but sometimes you may experience unexpected freezing operation. This is most obvious when working with maps.
The phone supports microSD cards up 32GB, with the device has a built-in memory.Is available to 5.4GB of free space. Upgrade wireless works well, although it is better to use WiFi and accordingly buy the device unlocked.
In addition to NFC, smart phone has Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, WiFi (802.11 b, g, n), although the vast majority of operators to deliver this unit with a locked wifi. GPS is available, so I recommend you use a service like Google Maps.

AvailabilityWhat is interesting when it comes to Blackberry devices, and therefore the model BB9900 is that this model can rarely be found by the operator for the simple reason that operators are simply wasting money when you sell equipment like this.Therefore, it is much more likely that customers would this device be able to buy in specialist shops with his mobile phone unlocked version that allows the use of WiFi networks.

Model, BB 9900 - one of my favorite models this year has several strong selling points:
Beautiful design and build quality (except for details). Pleasant to hold the device in your hand and nobody will remain indifferent. Is it reasonable to design the device to give money to companies looking for this device is another matter. It has its own charm and causes emotions, but whether this is what you need to judge for yourself.The device has a QWERTY keyboard, a beautiful and there is nothing to add. If you like devices with QWERTY keyboard, this will definitely appeal to you.Loud speakers, great sound quality, very good for listening to music, especially when it comes to good headphones.If you have multiple mailboxes then you definitely need to use BIS. The device has integrated Facebook and Twitter client and the application for the Blackberry. / Li>A good calendar, search engine where you can literally customize everything from profiles to the size of letters.A good displayLess:
Poor organization of the panel. I am sure that the manufacturer has incorporated everything that could be done on a desktop screen, which would certainly cause less confusion.Short battery life - one day. This is certainly much worse than the implementation of BB9780 in which the battery is provided two to three days of work. In this model, unfortunately, you will constantly have to think about charging the battery. The problem is probably in the optimization.Camera without autofocus, with here is nothing more to add.Anyone who is familiar with the system will be difficult to manage, as well as for those who know what it is will sometimes be an effort to cope with the operating system to the end.Support is available for AVI files, but such is the case with Blackberry Playbook device it is limited to paper. In reality, strange sounds are played back, and the picture freezes.Certain information may be removed from the line on the desktop, some programs are open again after closing via buttons on the device. You must enter a menu to close the program he knows to be tedious.Can you recommend to buy this product? Yes, because as I looked around I saw at least five people who use the device in most cases as a secondary phone. A friend of mine is very well described by the phone / smart phone: It is very beautiful, but very boring. As if in some way RIM is trying to get rid of the background of corporate device, but he did not go. On the other hand, imperfect versions of the course to scare those who are not familiar with BB devices, and the Council for them to maybe go with the BB9100 or BB9700, before you decide to BB9900, which is again beautiful in appearance, but many strange.

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Musicofjustin said...

Black berry has always been a great competitor in the cellular phone industry, but I just can't stand the format. Great informative post though!

kh0ndor said...

blackberry sucksssss

Edward said...

Blackberries are what all the girls in my school have.

Hento the loony repairman :D said...

lenghty packed review im gona readi it with detail a lil later, a freind of mine was asking me of the advantages orf eatures of the newest blakc berries..i myself want to get an adroid pad... but maybe i change my mind :O

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i personally prefer android devices but bb is still better for bussiness stuff :D

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blackberry 9000 is great mobile

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i might try this blackberry, thanks!

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very good review!

fawful said...

I haven't owned a Blackberry in so long. I'm an Android man now. ;)

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I like this black berry!

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i love my iphone but blackberry looks nice

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not a bad phone!

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I think Phones (or mobile devices :) ) have become 20% functional and 80% fashion...

I don't keep outdated phones anymore, I pick up a new one before I'm even tired of the old one... hey - why not?

I love BlackBerry even more than i thought I ever would... the iPhone has become the Toyota of mobiles - I love the magic a new BlackBerry exudes!

... and thanks to Apple, BlackBerry's are no longer the mainstream for consumers - so you are either a regular iPhone user or a not-so-regular BlackBerry dude!

got to luv it!

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Old software needs a massive makeover

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iPhone is the only way for me ;)

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Its amazing how many ifoner's are compelled to post on BlackBerry articles... I've never felt the urge once to post on an apple article :)

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Why hasn't anyone commented on how horribly written this article is?

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