Friday, February 10, 2012


Note galaxy in terms of positioning is very interesting. What is this device? Some would be considered a small tablet computer, while others say it's the oversized smart phone. Afterthe initial notification Samsung has changed the model number and put it in a separate category to highlight product features. In my opinion, the positioning of the device depends not only companies but also by understanding the needs of users and devices.

Technically, the device is not much different from the Samsung S2 Galaxy. The main difference is the larger diagonal screen and a larger capacity battery. At first glance, these are all the difference. Drawing parallels to say that it is a small notebook computer that fits in your pocket.

In my opinion, the option of drawing will be something by which users will choose this device. Everything else is less important, although the large screen and high-capacitybatteries attractive, the size of all devices to be canceled. Those users who do not understand what they should use this device, do not even have to think about it. If you love to draw or watch movies on the big screen and use the phone in one, then this modelcertainly deserves to look at it in detail. To my surprise, a large number of users Galaxy S2is moved to the notes to the positive comments.

It can be argued that the price of this model is not adapted to the device and that the same money can buy Galaxy S2.

After several months of using this device, I can say that this model is not for everyone. I do not want to draw, I keep notes in a notebook in a Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4s are sufficientfor most tasks. In my world there is no room for notes, but if I want to deal with drawing then the Note will be the first choice.

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