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Apple has made another great product that is very important for the company as a testground for new Siri service, such as a few years ago it was Face Time, which was availableonly in the first four iPhone and iPod Touch devices, but later expanded and the othercompany's devices. What we have with the iPhone 4S convinces us to believe that theiPhone 5 have a completely different design, screen, processor, more system memory and maybe a different camera, in other words, there will be a completely different phone.

Apple has created a great add-ons. Do you often use a voice searchcall, or whatever in that senseMy experience was quite frustrating because I often give up on numerousunsuccessful attempts. It just was not appropriate. As always, Apple has decided to merge the different functionscombine them, add a little simplicity and provide the right combinationThe result is excellent. Siri works perfectlyThis could lead to a Bluetooth device in combination with wired solutions on the marketSiri is not a toyI personally do not like to fill the calendar, but here is a possible voice input tasks. Not all languages ​​are supported at this time but if you use the English language you can start using SiriApple has just shown the way and Siri is an application for a number of features that are integrated into the operating systemManufacturers of applications will be able to create a variety of additional software. iPhone 4S is an ideal solution for those with visual impairments. The device is very easy to use, calling, leaving messages, view weather data etc.

iPhone 4S became instant hit in the market because of its strong side compared to theiPhone 4

better performance
Longer battery life
Better camera, even better images and video clips
The audio quality has not changed but I think it's a plus for the new iPhone because the oldwas one of the best music phones on the market.
Siriprobably one of the best things for the iPhone 4S
It features excellent kvallitet phone calls.
Great design, materials of the body although there are some problems with build quality.

ITunes is not necessary to synchronize your iPhone. Now such a thing ispossible via WiFi, the option iMessage and other improvements. This OS is already available in the iPhone 4S. The disadvantages of the new iPhone are obvious - there is no new design, wallpaper, system sounds and all those special little details that are notunique to iPhone 4S. Even there is no new accessories for this device. When I connected the Sony DR50-BT Bluetooth headsets could not provide a profile for the AVRSP (only thePlay button was functional). I'm not sure if the problem with the phone or headsetbut the problem exists.

Apple has made ​​another great product that I believe is very important for the company as a test ground for new services such as Siri was a few years ago it was Face Time, whichwas initially available only on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch devices to be later expanded theother company's devices. This model is also a test ground for Apple icloudWhat we havewith the iPhone 4S convinces me to believe that the iPhone 5 have a completely differentdesign, screen, processor, more system memory and maybe a different camera - oneword will be a completely different phone.

iPhone 4 owners are still asking me whether it is worth to upgrade to 4S. The answer isdefinitely yes if you are otherwise planned to buy a new device, since it is not known whenthe iPhone will appear 5.

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Anonymous said...

the best phone ever !!!!

Car Show said...

Nice one.the IPHONE 4S is with Two cores in the A5 chip deliver up to two times more power and up to seven times faster graphics.2 And you’ll feel the effects. Fast. iPhone 4S is quick and responsive, which makes all the difference when you’re launching apps, browsing the web, gaming, and doing just about everything. And no matter what you’re doing, you can keep on doing it.

Anonymous said...

If the iphone 4s could be durable as its earlier siblings the iphone 3 and iphone 3g than I will be impressed. Personally, I am waiting for the iphone 5, so i can say i dont like even numbers, i will be switching from th eiphone 3 (oringinal not even the 3gS!) and will be grabbing that sexy iphone 5 i CANT WAIT

mobiletechreviews said...

That phone is amazing..Its always best phone for me.

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