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The first phone from HTC with Windows Phone 7 operating system was the model of Mozart. He appeared in certain markets, but the Mango version of the operating system. Speaking about the radar, his appearance was followed almost a year after the appearance of Mozart. HTC Smart Radar is a good solution for Windows Phone operating system. Of pluses in this model should be mentioned quality housing made ​​of metal, a camera with wide angle lens and powerful music player.

PositioningThe first phone from HTC with Windows Phone 7 operating system model was Mozart. He appeared in certain markets, but the Mango version of the operating system. As for the radar model his appearance followed nearly a year after Mozart announcing.
Today's test relates to HTC that replaces radar "Mozart" model. At first glance, one might say that not much changed but little if we look deeply, it becomes clear what users will pay a higher price: the new chipset and graphics accelerator, 5MP camera with flash, a frontal camera, enhanced diagonal although it is not a a significant increase, a higher level of brightness of the screen, slim body and other small trinkets. Since we have already published a test related to the Windows Phone operating system, in this review we will focus only on key points of the model radar.
Sales package:
PhoneUSB cable and chargerWired stereo earphonesInstructions for useDesign and controlAs was the case with previous HTC smart phones, radar housing model is composed of several parts. Much is made of aluminum. The upper and lower surfaces are made of light gray plastic - the first part covers the speaker and the second section of the battery. This design is more relaxed and more classical than the design that features Mozart or Sensation model. However, the taste should not be discussed.

Despite the fact that the unit is solidly built in general, the lower lid to loosen over time because it is insufficiently linked to the casing tightly.
The dimensions of this device are 120.5x61.5mm, which means that the phone is not too big and can be worn in a shirt pocket or jacket. The phone is not too heavy (137 grams), bearing in mind that it is made of metal glass (abrasion resistant, Gorilla glass).
Phone fits in your hand thanks to the thickness (10.9mm), and smooth lines of the case.

On the front there is a proximity sensor that works well and quickly. There is a forward-facing VGA camera for video calls. Below the decorative metal mesh is hidden speaker. The volume is excellent and the voice is transmitted with crystal clarity.

Below is the screen below which traditionally has three buttons: "Search", "Start" and "Back". In the phone settings you can set the "background applications", for example, it is possible to install applications that can work in the background, even if they are closed.

On the left is a microUSB connector, while on the right hand side button to activate the camera. When you press this button and hold it down, this way you start the camera even when the phone is locked. On the other hand this sort of thing is really handy since there is no need to spend time to unlock - you can do it in your pocket or bag. On the same side there is a button to adjust the volume. Location is not relevant: if you take the phone in his right hand and index finger trying to press the ON / OFF button to lock the screen, it may be accidentally pressing the volume control.

The top end is 3.5mm, while the bottom is the microphone. The camera lens (edge ​​is almost submerged in the body), LED flash and speaker are located to the rear.SIM card is inserted into the metal slot located under the plastic cover. Memory card slot in this model is not available.

The appearance of HTC and Samsung i9023 radar (right):

Appearance of Radar HTC HTC Mozart (right):

ScreenHTC Screen size is 3.8''Radar (physical size is 83 x 50mm), HTC Mozart - 3.7''(physical size is 80 x 49mm). Resolution is 480 x 800 pixels, displays up to 16 million colors, it's a Super-TFT LCD matrix and capacitive sensors that allow up to ten simultaneous touches. The sensitivity is high.
Viewing angles are also larger. Compared to the model of "Mozart", the screen brightness and contrast models of "Radar" are better for some 20 - 30%. However, the density of blacks is less so, for example, when the screen display a dark image, in essence, the screen displays a gray color with a pinkish hue. Gets the impression that the manufacturer has simply increased the brightness and that provided higher capacity battery (Radar - a Mozart 1520 - 1300 mAh).
Device has an ambient light sensor, which is responsible for automatically adjusting screen brightness, which performs very well and very quickly. Manual controls let you adjust three levels: low, medium and high. The screen display does not fade and information is clearly legible.
The device is equipped with an accelerometer and gyroscope.
HTC radar screens (right) and HTC Mozart by day:

The screens of the Samsung i9000 (left), the Samsung i9023 Nexus, HTC and HTC Mozart Radar (right):

CameraRadar HTC smart phone boasts a 5MP camera with autofocus and LED flash. The matrix camera is made by using BSI technology, Backside Illuminated, which lets you capture images with minimal noise in low visibility. In ordinary CMOS sensor light passes through a metal grid patterns and elements before they reach the photodiode. In BSIphotodiode. Below is given a diagram.

In addition, the lens is characterized by F = 2.2 aperture. This means you can get more shots in low light lens and less depth. Based on EXIF ​​information available in the photo file reveals that the minimum ISO 70 and the maximum value of the 800th
Another interesting product characteristics is lens - it is wide (28mm). For example, when taking over the company of people who may not be included in the staff do not have to move away because the lens will do a great job and put all people in the picture.
In combination with backlight technology and a large aperture, it is theoretically possible to get the original photo. However, in practice it turns out that the sharpness and color are no different from most modern cameras from other manufacturers, while the noise is actually lower.
If we compare the camera model "Radar" and "Mozart", the first model is inferior in terms of viewing angles, and white balance. In some cases, photos taken with the HTC Mozart are better.

The camera settings are complemented by the following parameters:
PanoramaBurst ModeBrightnessContrastSaturationHarshnessISOFace RecognitionThe camcorder also offers a set brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness. You can enable or disable the track focus (AF).
Video quality is the same, but the radar performs file recording at 30 frames per second with a bitrate of 9000 kbps and wide viewing angle while Mozart has 24 staff and an average bitrate of 7000 kbps with a small viewing angles.

BatteryPreviously mentioned that HTC is characterized by non-recoverable Radar 1520m battery (Li-Ion) and Mozart - 1300mAh. It would be better for smart phone has the ability to replace empty batteries. It would be useful - buy a second battery and fix your problem.
The manufacturer claims that the model radar can provide five and a half hours of talk time and 360 hours of standby.
Testing has shown that the battery will provide five hours of talk time, while the playback of video content with maximum brightness and the highest level of sound through headphones - for 7 hours and 15 minutes to drain the battery completely.
The average battery will last more than a day. In Moscow HTC Radar is used for 15 - 20 minutes of calls a day, about two hours listening to music, watching movies an hour, four hours of using Wi-Fi (Twitter, e-mail, installing applications). The device can be recharged via USB for 1.5 hours or over a network of electric power for far less time.
In fact, the situation is pretty bad: as much as a good platform to the selected battery is the worst link. From this model you can not get more than two days with average use smart phones.
In the phone configuration options available for saving energy. This option displays the battery charge percent, estimated remaining time and the time since the last charge. If you enable this option when the battery reaches a certain level of discharge some services will be excluded, such as running applications in the background, or transmission of data over 3G.
PerformanceSmart phone HTC Radar works on Qualcomm MSM8255 chipset. It was developed in early 2010. The code-named Snapdragon 2, while the architecture and process technology ARMv7 - 45nm. Single processor clock speed is 1000MHz. As a graphics accelerator in the framework of this device was used Adreno 205 with support for OpenGL ES2.0, OpenGL ES 1.1, OpenVG 1.1, EGL 1.3 and Direct3D Mobile Directdraw
It should be remembering that the HTC Mozart made the previous generation chipset - QSD 8250th It is a Snapdragon chipset codenamed S1, which is manufactured in 65nm process with 3D accelerator Adreno 200th
Speed ​​models of work and Mozart are very similar I can not say which of these two models is faster. Within each unit there is a 8GB flash memory and 512MB of system memory. Also, none of these devices does not have a microSD card slot.

LinkingThe smartphone supports GSM (850/900/1800/1900) and UMTS (900/2100) while the EDGE network (class 32) and HSDPA (up to 14.4Mbps also available. Are also available Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP (AVRCP, HFP, HSP, PBAP), microUSB 2.0.
When connecting with a PC, HTC Radar automatically prompts you to install special software to synchronize data - "Zune". Without it, the phone can not even be defined as the USB Flash. To perform a transfer between phone and computer to use tool for synchronisation. Photos and video content is stored in "MyDocumentes - Images - From the players HTC C110 Radar".
NavigationModel Radar uses GPS module (seventh generation gpsOne). Also, this device supports hardware and software navigation solutions "gpsOneXTRA assitance" To work with the navigation section of this device available Bing Maps. There are no adjustments. To start navigating the first time takes about 30 seconds, until the next time the device finds the satellite for 5 seconds.
ApplicationsThere is little changed. There are, however, improved HTC Hub (which displays news from the stock market, weather and the recommended application), then HTC Watch is available (shows information about movies and trailers), HTC Media Manager, click Locations and Notes. The last application I like the design aspect.You can use the virtual board to write the set stickers. If you drag your finger to the left, the board is turned to another page and display the text labels.

Several newspapers:
Programme "Improvement of Sound" is not on the menu and settings, and apparently always will be available in the HTC smart phone running the Windows Phone.

In the settings there are several options related to phone ringing. Available options including the phone to ring when it is quieter in the hand of users, ringer mode when the appliance keeps in his pocket, then to turn off tones.

MultimediaMusic player. The sound quality in the music player has stayed the same (as in HTC Mozart), but his strength is increased by 50%. Radar can easily makes you take off the headset due to its high power.
Speaker is above the cut down, but there is no loading in the case of low and high tones. When you cover the speaker volume is drastically reduced.
Video player. Video player supports the formats 3gp, Mp4, Wmv, with resolution up to 720p. To be able to transfer a video to the phone you need a Zune. If an application does not recognize the file you have to make conversion. It should be noted that the video uses the same effects as salt are those that are available for audio content.
ImpressionsThe quality of communication did not lead to any criticism, receiver sensitivity is satisfactory. Vibration is a powerful and can be felt even in the outside pocket of winter jackets.
HTC Smart Radar is a good solution for Windows Phone operating system. Of pluses in this model should be mentioned quality housing made of metal, a camera with wide angle lens and powerful music player. It is disappointing because the camera images could be better considering that a new sensor with BSI. The price of this device is truly too big and should not be surprising that many potential buyers still face device such as Mozart or Android device with a slit parameters.
Features:Class: smartphoneForm: MonoblockThe materials: metal, plastic, soft to the touchOperating system: Windows Mobile 7 (7.5 Mango)Networks: GSM / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, UMTS / HSDPA 900/2100Processor: 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 platformMemory: 512 MBStorage capacity: 8 GBInterfaces: Wi-Fi (b / g / n /), Bluetooth 3.0 (A2DP), microUSB jack (USB 2.0) connector for charging / synchronization and 3.5mm headphone jackScreen: capacitive, S-LCD 3.8 "800x480 pixel resolution (WVGA), automatically adjust brightness levels of backlight.Camera: 5MP autofocus, video recording in 720p (1280x720 pixels), LED flash (works as a flashlight), a VGA camera on the frontNavigation: GPS chip Qualcomm gpsOne platform (supports A-GPS)Accelerometer, proximity sensor, FM radio.Battery: non-removable Li-Ion 1520 mAh capacityDimensions: 120.5 x 61.5 x 10.9 mmWeight: 137 grams

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